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☯ The Teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi


Existence or Consciousness is the only reality. Consciousness plus waking we call waking.
Consciousness plus sleep we call sleep. Consciousness plus dream, we call dream. Consciousness is the screen on which all the pictures come and go. The screen is real, the pictures are mere shadows on it.


Mind is a wonderful force inherent in the Self.
That which arises in this body as ‘I’ is the mind.

When the subtle mind emerges through the brain and the senses, the gross names and forms are cognized. When it remains in the Heart names and forms disappear… If the mind remains in the Heart, the ‘I’ or the ego which is the source of all thoughts will go, and the Self, the Real, Eternal ‘I’ alone will shine. Where there is not the slightest trace of the ego, there is the Self.

“Who Am I?” – Enquiry

For all thoughts the source is the ‘I’ thought.

The mind will merge only by Self-enquiry ‘Who am I?’ The thought ‘Who am l?’ will destroy all other thoughts and finally kill itself also. If other thoughts arise, without trying to complete them, one must enquire to whom did this thought arise. What does it matter how many thoughts arise? As each thought arises one must be watchful and ask to whom is this thought occurring. The answer will be ‘to me’. If you enquire ‘Who am I?’ the mind will return to its source (or where it issued from). The thought which arose will also submerge. As you practise like this more and more, the power of the mind to remain as its source is increased. Continue reading ☯ The Teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi

☯ Words Of Wisdom

If the mind becomes absorbed in the Heart, the ego or ‘I’, which is the center of the multitude of thoughts finally vanishes and pure Consciousness or Self which subsists during all the states of the mind, alone remains resplendent. ~Ramana Maharshi

“When you discover the Here which is beyond geography and the Now which is beyond time, then you are reintroduced to your own freedom. You become so empty that you can accommodate the presence of God.” – Mooji

The life force and the mind are operating, but the mind will tempt you to believe that it is “you.” Therefore, understand always that you are the timeless, spaceless witness.  And even if the mind tells you that you are the one who is acting, don’t believe the mind.  Always keep your identity separate from that which is doing the working, thinking and talking.  That which has happened—that is, the apparatus which is functioning—has come upon your original essence, but you are not that apparatus.  This is to be firmly kept in mind.  ~Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

There’s a mantra at the end of (The Heart Sutra)
It is called “The Mantra which Calms All Suffering” …
Gate Gate Paragate Parasamgate Bodhi Svaha!

What does it mean?

It has been translated in many ways …
One of the beautiful ways is a commentary extracted from             “The Heart of Understanding” by Thich Nhat Hanh, He says:

“Through mindfulness we experience “Inter-being” which means everything is in everything else. Therefore, one should know that Perfect Understanding is a great mantra, is the highest mantra, is the unequaled mantra, the destroyer of all suffering, the incorruptible truth.”


Other interpretations include but are not limited to:

  • Going, going on beyond, always going on beyond, always becoming    Buddha.
  • Gone, gone, gone beyond, gone altogether beyond. Oh what an  awakening! All hail!
  • Gone, gone, gone beyond altogether beyond, Awakening, fulfilled!
  • Gone, gone, gone to the Other Shore, attained the Other Shore    having never left.
  • Gone, gone, totally gone, totally completely gone, enlightened, so  be it.
  • “Oh, you have done! You have done! You have completely crossed  the margin.  This is Enlightenment! Congratulations!”
  • “Homage to the Awakened Mind which has crossed over to the  other shore – which has gone altogether beyond freed from  suffering”
  • Gone … Gone Beyond Which has gone altogether beyond, Freed from Suffering … or What an Awakening!

((((((((((((“Gate Gate Paragate Parasamgate Bodhi Svaha!”))))))))))))

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