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Ormus Manna Gold is of Essence, One,  revealing The Great Work of a True Alchemist in every bottle.  All natural ingredients of the earth’s purest kind are applied to the great work of organic Alchemy, in combination with deep cultivation of Primordial Qi  during the extraction process.

Ormus Properties? What is it? Quantum Coherence? (synchronize brain hemispheres?) Anti-Aging? (cell regeneration?) Heal & revert DNA back to the quantum coherent (zero point) field of unified~being?  You tell me!

To become Coherent (is to dissolve into Qi). One must discover the truth of our eternal (timeless) nature.   Ormus Manna Gold helps “set the scene” by naturally propagating the cellular playground of timeless (zero point coherence) potentially aiding in one’s ability to cultivate, manifest, and directly influence the flow of Qi (effortlessly with practice) into reality.  It seems that, as the subtle energies begin to appear on the radar, one naturally becomes aware and is attuned accordingly. dOrmus Manna Gold has also been noted by some to amplify one’s intuitions, psychic abilities, and help to open one’s awareness to gradually ascend into higher states of consciousness as it is introduced to the light body’s organic mechanism.  Ormus Manna supplements the system with the finest blend of Ormus essential trace minerals, all of which combined have been known to accelerate the body’s natural ability to rejuvenate and align with the cosmic “blueprint”. (Increased metabolic rate, cellular rejuvenation, repair, and more) has also been described by some individuals.   It is NOT the Ormus that does the healing… It’s the harmonization of the Body, Mind, and Spirit (Trinity) that leads to spontaneous healings.  Ormus Manna may help “set the scene” for this to occur.  Ormus Manna Gold “is known by some” to activate one’s Primordial Essence by attuning the senses to the Subtler Energies of the Universe.    Because of this, higher states of consciousness have been known to propagate in due time for whomever ingests this one-of-a-kind, remarkably~magical substance as its only purpose is of essence, ☯neblue-trinity-small                                            

The Great Work Is Done

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☯ What is Ormus?

Ormus, also known as (ORME, M-State, Monatomic Gold, MFKZT, and Manna), is known as a class of physically distinct atomic mineral substances that appear to be closer to the state of (aether, vacuum or zero point field) than the matter commonly referred to as mineral and atomic compounds found on the Periodic Table of Elements.


Ormus elements can have the visible appearance (when isolated and dried) of a silicon-like, ceramic, powdery substance. The batch below was extracted from Pink Himalayan, Redmond, Celtic, and Dead Sea Salts… Whether it be dried into a powder or suspended in water, Ormus Manna is packed with an abundantly well-rounded balance of trace minerals.


Ormus elements apparently show up in our reality (deep in the Earth, in lava, in salts, in the oceans, in springs, etc.) as infolded substances that, under certain types of stimulation (subtile energies), will unfold into a metal. Ormus could be the source of all metals. Therefore, we identify the Ormes elements in relationship to the metal they can unfold into (e.g. Ormus copper, Ormus gold, Ormus rhodium, etc.) Continue reading ☯ What is Ormus?

☯ Unique Properties of Redmond Minerals

The salt deposit that exists in Redmond, Utah, is an inland deposit of ancient origin. It is one of the world’s richest and most perfectly balanced salt deposits, containing over 60 trace minerals from the periodic table of elements. It is mined and crushed for packaging, without any of the refining processes. So what’s left for us is pure, unaltered sea salt and minerals that are balanced in a proportion–nature’s way.
In this balance of minerals, the salts in the Redmond deposit consist of around 93% sodium and chloride, the remaining 7% are the other minerals. It is of no coincidence that our blood serum has the same concentrations! That is significant! Is it any wonder people feel better when they use natural sea salt? Is it any wonder that animals and plants are healthier when they utilize natural minerals? The mineral salt that comes from the Redmond mine is in the form nature intended for ingestion. The body does not easily recognize refined products, causing it stress as it tries to work with something unnatural.

It is important to note that these natural salts are crystalline in form. They are highly available to the body. Most minerals are in rock form and are poorly utilized. The chelation process improves this but the crystalline form trumps.

Trace Minerals
The importance of minerals in nutrition is well established. Extensive work has been done with a handful of minerals, particularly the major macro and micro elements on every feed tag. Every year new discoveries are being made with minerals, even the obscure traces like strontium, and lanthanum, and every year new discoveries are made about the relationships between minerals and enzymes. Enzyme actions are driven by minerals. Throw into the mix the relationships with the many bacteria and hormones. Though we know some of what most minerals do, there is even more that needs to be learned about these relationships, proportions, and balance of all these variables working together in any biological system. Life is most certainly a very delicate balance.

So what is to be done? Is an attempt to balance a few macro and micro elements sufficient? What about the form they are in? How much of the mineral is actually utilized by the body? Can we accurately design a natural balance with all these variables? What about the other 60 to 70 minerals?
Nature has a way of answering many of these questions. It has a unique ability to take something so complex and make it available for us in a simple way. Let’s take a look at some of the healthiest life forms in existence and the most perfectly balanced minerals around them.

The Ocean
Seventy percent of the earth’s surface is covered by water. Ninety percent of the life on earth is in the seas. For centuries the sea has become mineralized from the constant erosion of minerals from the land. In addition, an estimated 20,000 underwater volcanoes continually spew minerals in the seas. After World War II the U.S. Navy analyzed the waters all over theglobe and found there to be 90 minerals in the same balance and proportion. This balance includes large amounts of sodium and chloride. It is very interesting how the sea has the ability to mix and regulate these elements into a perfect balance and proportion to sustain healthy life. Any minerals not needed in this perfect balance are precipitated out and fall to the ocean floor to be utilized by plants or sea creatures if needed.

In the 1950’s Dr. Maynard Murry studied sea life from his interest in finding cures for humancancers and heart diseases. He found that cancer and heart disease didn’t exist in sea creatures, and that tissues and organs of the old creatures were very similar to that of the young. These findings led him to experiments using sea water and sea solids on soils and land animals. He observed in trial after trial the positive health and production effects of sea minerals on plants and animals. More can be read in his book “Sea Energy Agriculture” and also in a book written by Charles Walters called “Fertility from the Ocean Deep.”

Balance and Proportion
This is the key. When the high concentrations of salts that exist in the sea are mixed with all the other minerals in this perfect balance, nutrients are easily transported across animal and plant membranes. This is the same for land plant and animal life forms.
The Salt Institute published that “sodium makes up 93% of the basic mineral elements in blood serum and is the chief cation regulating blood pH.” Is it any wonder that a saline solution (IV) injection is the first thing we receive when admitted into the hospital?

The Breakdown of Salt
All salt comes from the sea, either modern or ancient inland deposits. The difference is the composition and processing. The vast majority of salt for use in food and feed is refined. This means that the minerals in salt deposits are removed and used in other ways. The by-product is refined, and given a flow agent and put into the market for food and feed—98% sodium chloride. This product became the standard for salt. The FDA approved it, wrote the product description around it, and all the research work used it. The same happens with minerals. They are extracted and isolated and then incorporated back into biological systems. But sometimes, taking a great natural productapart and putting it back together is like trying to re-create mother’s milk in the form of baby formula, or pasteurizing wholesome milk and then trying to add back in the nutrition and digestive enzymes that were destroyed during processing. Another important Redmond product is Montmorillonite Clay.
Over the Redmond salt deposit is a thick layer of volcanic ash. It is believed that this helped retain the rich mineral composition of the salt. This volcanic ash is montmorillonite clay and as such has tremendous health properties as well. These clay colloids, or colloidal minerals, are also highly available. Remember that a major part of the mineralization of the sea comes from volcanic ash, and when the sea reaches its mineral balance, the excess falls to the sea’s floor to be utilized by plants and animals as needed. That is what this deposit is. It is even more mineral rich than the salt except for the sodium and chloride. This is clay, not salt. So, there are times when soils and feeds that are mineral deficient don’t provide adequate nutrition and plants and animals will get something extra they need if they have access to this.
Other mineral benefits of such clays are the high nutrient exchange capacity. This capacity lends itself well to mineral absorption and also the enhancement of microbial activity in both the gut and the soil, which really drives digestion and nutrient uptake. Additionally, the electrical charge and physical structure of this clay gives it a tremendous capability to draw toxins out of a body.

Minerals are essential in all biological processes, and that includes large amounts of natural salts. Natural, unrefined salts that have all the minerals of the sea in perfect balance and proportion are the key to this. The body recognizes this and can work with it. Refined sodium chloride cannot provide optimum health. It is a toxic compound. Creating the perfect blend of all minerals together is difficult, if even possible, when you talk about including 50 or 60 traces. Why not start with the most near perfect sources, balanced and proportioned by nature–the ones that are most near the balance and proportion of healthy blood? This is not to say there is no need to supplement other minerals. Our soils and foods are not usually in perfect balance so it may be necessary at times to do the best we can to bring one’s system into balance.

☯ Colloidal ORMUS Metal Properties (Gold, Silver, Platinum, etc.)

  • Gold
    – Supports mental focus and concentration
    – Supports hand-eye coordination
    – Promotes improved memory
    – Promotes enhanced motivation
    – Promotes general feelings of well-being
    – Promotes improved energy levels
    – It appears that Gold is associated with the pineal gland
    – Gold is used to relieve joint pain; word of gold’s power to relieve  the pain of arthritis was passed down through the centuries and  even today it is used in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, its  efficacy confirmed by modern medical research
    – Evidence has shown that gold causes one to develop a sense of  knowingness about what other people are thinking and feeling,  thus increasing emotional sensitivity
    – Can be used to treat arthritis, obesity, skin ulcers, puncture  wounds, nerve damage (neuropathy), hyperactivity
    – Used to alleviate the wasting and malnutrition associated with chronic diseases
    – Energy field around gold tends to impart the idea of increased  longevity
    – One user has reported the M-State gold causing a fusing of the  left and right hemispheres, so that there is more control over  dreams, and experiences of an increase in intuition
  • Silver
    – Great for overall detox
    – Supports healthy immune system
    – Promotes improved energy levels
    – Promotes healthy sunburn relief
    – Kills all disease causing pathogens
    – Most powerful natural antibiotic known to man
    – Silver has long been seen as the perfect natural antibiotic
    – Silver has been used for decades in the eyes of newborns to prevent infection. It is still used in eyedrops that some physicians  use for newborns
    – Silver is an all-natural mineral that is non-toxic and exhibits no  interactions with other drugs
  • Copper
    – Promotes healthy skin; rejuvenates collagen and elastin
    – Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
    – Supports healthy cartilage and tendon regeneration
    – Plays a critical role in cellular energy production, bone  formation, and metabolism of the neurotransmitters  norepinephrine, epinephrine, & dopamine
    – Helps maintain the integrity of connective tissue in the heart  and blood vessels
    – Necessary for red blood cell formation, normal iron metabolism
    – Plays important role in development and maintenance of  immune system
    – Can be spritzed on the skin for it’s anti-aging healing properties
  • Indium
    – Newly discovered health benefits
    – Anti-aging properties
    – Assists in increasing creating and converting to ATP (muscle  fuel)
    – Corrects problems with the endocrine and nervous system
    – Regulates metabolism, growth, tissue function and internal  variables such as water balance, ionic exchange, body  temperature and mood
    – Greatly increases the uptake of other nutrients
  • Iridium
    – Promotes improved cellular metabolism. It makes metabolism  run faster, which in turn allows your cells to be corrected and to  divide faster
    – Promotes enhance mental acuity
    – Supports healthy tissue regeneration
    – May help encourage normal cell functioning
    – Induces higher states of awareness and enhances meditative  states
    – Feel lighter, more energetic, needing less sleep
    – Tissues heal much faster when injured
    – Psychic sensitivity and sensitivity to other higher frequency  energies
  • Iron
    – A trace mineral essential for good health since it forms part of  hemoglobin, the pigment that gives blood its dark red color
    – Iron is also found in myoglobin, a muscle protein. Myoglobin  takes oxygen from hemoglobin and lets oxygen diffuse  throughout muscle cells
    – Iron is anti-cancer
    – The body needs ample supply of Vitamin C to absorb iron most  effectively
    – It boosts the body’s energy levels, thereby improving physical  performance
    – Copper is necessary for the body’s proper utilization of Iron
    – It improves immunity
    – It encourages restful sleep and prevents insomnia
    – It helps prevent learning difficulties among children
    – Iron helps transport oxygen to the cells
    – It is also important for muscle protein and traces of it occur in  the liver, spleen, bone marrow and muscles
    – Iron is an all-natural mineral that is non-toxic and exhibits no    interactions with other drugs
  • Palladium
    – Powerful anti-oxidant as as it aids in collecting radical O-ions,  combining them with hydrogen to produce water, thus reducing  internal oxidation
    – Palladium is good for vision and reparation, regeneration of  certain cellular structures that are, as you would say duty  specific (cones and rods for the eyes, the taste buds of the tongue  and other things that have to do with sensory apparatus)
    – Strengthens bones and teeth enamel
    – Light up the body to prepare it for higher levels of energy, such  as from the sun, air, and water
  • Platinum
    – Harmonizing to the mind, body, and spirit
    – Supports heathy tissue regeneration of the heart tissue, thymus,  and the entire endocrine system
    – Promotes lucid dreaming
    – Promotes improved memory
    – Supports DNA repair and nerve tissue regeneration
    – Promotes increased libido in both males and females
    – It is believed to increase the electrical transmission across the  synapses within the brain to improve memory, increase mental  alertness and promote general tissue regeneration of the  neurological tissues
  • Rhodium
    – Often paired with iridium in bioavailable sources (animal brains,  carrot juice, concord grape juice, aloe vera)
    – Associated with the thymus
    – Taking rhodium over an extended period has been shown to  cause a growth in the thymus gland. The thymus is what  produces the T-cells which guard the body from all parasites,  viruses, and tumors
    – Very effective in treating HIV/AIDS
    – Some see Rhodium as the ultimate protector and cure for  chronic invasive disease and out of control cells, like cancer
  • Titanium
    – A powerful antioxidant
    – Strengthens the liver and kidney and increases the “internal  fire,” for healthy sexual function
    – Smoothes the walls of the intestinal tract, increases stomach  acids and enzymes for more efficient digestion and calms the  heart
    – Increases muscle and tissue strength and stamina. Has been  used by weightlifters.
    – Increases efficiency and distribution of oxygen and circulation
  • Vanadium
    – Linked to normalizing glucose levels, decrease blood sugar  levels, increase insulin sensitivity and lower blood pressure
    – Maximize efficiency in metabolic conversion of sugars to muscle  and tissue fuels
  • Zinc
    – Functions as antioxidant
    – Supports healthy immune system
    – Promotes healthy skin
    – Supports healthy cartilage regeneration
    – Supports healthy tissue regeneration
    – Promotes improved cellular metabolism
    – May help encourage normal cell functioning
    – Supports improved male performance


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